AC installation cost is a separate cost altogether from the purchase of an AC system. In San Diego, AC installation costs vary depending on several factors, as well as the expertise and track record of the HVAC Contractor. Every homeowner must be aware of the possible AC installation cost before hiring a contractor. It is best to take advantage of offers for free cost estimates so that they offer, as well as charges, can be compared. 

AC installation costs in the San Diego area depend on a variety of factors such as cooling capacity of the AC system, type of AC unit, size of the home, among others.

It is also best to scour the internet to know the rates of local HVAC installation services. Local home management websites have user forums where those in the same community can exchange notes on installation costs or even give feedback on the service of various local contractors. 

Factors that affect AC installation costs in San Diego properties

Several factors affect the installation costs of air conditioning systems in commercial and residential properties in San Diego. Here are some of the significant considerations HVAC Contractors have when costing installation services:

1. Property Size. The size of the property dictates the capacity and type of air conditioning system to use. It also dictates the extent of ductwork that will be needed in the case of central air conditioning. 

2. The cooling capacity of the AC system. A lower capacity HVAC system is usually easier to install versus a higher capacity one. Higher capacity systems also take longer to install hence eating up more service hours compared to smaller units. 

3. Expertise, track record, and legitimacy of the AC Company. A legitimate AC company that has been serving the community for years charge higher than fly by night AC installers whose unique selling proposition is an unbelievably low service rate. Legitimate HVAC contractors also have insurance and bonds to pay, plus a brick and mortar office to maintain or pay rent for hence the higher cost of hiring them. In return, there is peace of mind in hiring a licensed and experienced AC installer in San Diego because the risk is very minimal.  

4. Timing of installation. Rush installation shall cost more than an ordinarily scheduled one. To some degree, installation during non-peak months may cost less due to promotions

5. Additional jobs. Installation or repair of ductwork is one of the most common add-ons during an air conditioning installation procedure. The installation of added features such as whole-home ventilation systems is also another reason for costs to bloat. Moreover, the pull-out and safe dismantling of old and damaged existing units is yet another separate cost altogether. When asking for a cost estimate, mention the need to pull-out existing AC systems so that the procedure can be included in the quotation. 

AC Installation Costs in San Diego Area 

Generally, installation costs of a reliable local air condition servicing company in the San Diego area cost from $8,000 to $15,000 for Central Air Conditioning depending on the factors mentioned above. Ductless Mini Split AC, on the other hand, starts from about $2,000 up to $14,500.