Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems for San Diego Homes

San Diego is known for its excellent climate. But like any other locality, it still requires an optimally efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. For property owners who are constructing a new home or remodeling their existing residence, it will be beneficial to note the various types of AC systems available to every San Diego homeowner. 

Every San Diego home should have an efficiently working AC system.

San Diego Air Conditioning Unit Installation Service

By knowing the pros and cons of each type of AC unit, a property owner will be in the best position to decide on the best kind of AC to install in his home. The benefits and drawbacks can be carefully weighed, and informed decisions can be made. Most likely, owners will decide whether they will go with a higher upfront cost and projected savings on running costs, or lower upfront cost, with average to higher month-on-month operational expenses. Read on air conditioning repair

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Here are the most common types of air conditioning systems available for residential properties in San Diego, California:

Central AC San Diego

Central air conditioning system. The central air conditioning system or HVAC units are the most prevalent type of air conditioning systems for San Diego homes. It is the most convenient to use as it cools the whole home uniformly. It is also efficient somehow, but it will only work for homes with existing duct systems. It is also the best system to use as it is unobtrusive and complements the clean lines of any modern minimalist home. Some homeowners, though, see this type of system as not as energy efficient and not as eco-friendly because older versions may not have the zoning feature that allows temperature adjustments per home section. 

San Diego Mini Split AC

Mini-split system. A mini-split system has several air conditioning units installed per area or room in the house. It has air handlers in various regions and has a corresponding outer unit. The unique selling point of mini-split systems is the ability of the homeowner to control the temperature in every area of the house. This helps maximize energy efficiency and comfort at the same time. Unoccupied areas can have minimal cooling, while areas, where household members are, can have varying degrees of temperature depending on the desired coolness level of the space occupant. Incidentally, mini-split systems can be used in conjunction with central air conditioning systems. It can be installed in areas that cannot be reached by the HVAC ducts.

Using Window-type AC in San Diego

Window type air conditioning system. This is the most efficient type of air conditioning unit that can be used on any San Diego home. It is however, used more popular in apartments and buildings, as well as motor homes. It can cool smaller spaces efficiently but are not precisely easier on the eye and the ears. Like the mini-split system, it can also be an auxiliary air conditioning for areas in a centrally cooled home that can be reached by central air ducts. 

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