How to Choose the Best AC Unit for Your San Diego Home

Choosing an air conditioning unit for a San Diego home can be an exciting yet challenging task. HVAC systems do not come cheap, and most property owners consider it as an investment. So whether a homeowner is building his new house or renovating it with the intent of replacing his existing cooling system, it pays to know how to choose the best air conditioning system for his property. Check out Air conditioner repair.

AC Installation San Diego

Here are some tips on how to choose the best air conditioning for a San Diego residential property:

Decide on the type of air conditioning system to install at home. There are three common types, and each would depend on the style of the house, the climate, the number of home occupants, and the personal preference of the homeowner. Existing ductwork or installation of ductwork should also be considered for property owners actively looking at a centralized AC system for their San Diego house. 

AC Replacement in San Diego

Know the right size and capacity of the air conditioning system for the house. Ask a reliable San Diego licensed HVAC contractor to assess the correct size and capacity of the air conditioning unit for the home. Seek his advice as well on the AC system being eyed for the house. He can give an accurate assessment of this being an expert in residential HVAC systems. 

AC Inspection and tune-up in San Diego Area

Consider choosing a highly efficient air conditioning unit for the house. Check out the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating of the AC unit. The higher the number, the higher the efficiency level. When comparing at 

  1. least three units or systems, give weight on the SEER as it will affect the monthly budget of the household. 
  2. Keep in mind that installation costs are separate from the unit purchase cost. Ask about how much it would cost, and what are the service inclusions that come with it. 
  3. For homes that are upgrading to a new unit, keep in mind that the dismantling and pullout cost of the existing HVAC unit is not usually included in the installation cost. Ask the HVAC contractor how much the service would cost, and if there are current discounts for upgrades, dismantling, and installation depending on HVAC systems and brands. Factor this during the decision process. 
  4. A service warranty is essential. Find out about the warranty provision of the HVAC unit. What is covered by the warranty and how long the guarantee stands. Also, most HVAC contractors issue a separate service warranty for installations and jobs they have carried out. Ask them about it too, including the length and provisions of their service warranty. 

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