How to Keep the Central Air Conditioning Well Maintained

A home will even be more comfortable when it has an optimally-efficient central air conditioning system.

The central air conditioning system is essential in ensuring a comfortable indoor climate inside the home. It is one of the most prevalent types of AC systems in homes in the United States, and like any home equipment, it needs adequate maintenance. 

In Mira Mesa, a growing number of homeowners realize the value of a well-maintained AC system. Having a well-maintained central AC ensures non-stop comfort and convenience for every household member. Moreover, it provides a better real estate value for a house, considering that having a problematic Central AC is a red flag among potential home buyers. 

Tips on Keeping the Central Air Conditioning Well-Maintained:

So how can a homeowner keep their central air conditioning system well-maintained? Below are some tips:

1. Keep the house clean. When the home is too dusty, the tendency is for the central AC to suck up all those dust. In doing so, the filter gets clogged up way too quickly compared with a cleaner home. So dust and clean up the house regularly to help keep those filters unclogged for much longer. 

2. Avoid clogged filters by regularly replacing central AC filters. Replacing the filters on time is one of the best things a homeowner can do to keep the central air conditioning well-maintained. A clean filter will keep the AC from overworking and overburdening its mechanism. A central AC that is not overburdened is not bound to suffer unnecessary damage. Moreover, it keeps the central AC operating efficiently, and using just the minimal amount of energy. 

3. Visit the condenser or outer unit regularly. Never allow the condenser to be covered with dust and debris. Ensure that it has an unobstructed airflow. A one and a half foot perimeter that is entirely free from whatever obstruction or blockage are ideal in the efficient operation of the condenser. A blocked and dirty condenser overburdens the whole central AC system, prompting it to use up more electricity than it should. This, in turn, drives up electric bills, especially during summertime. 

4. Ask for professional help from HVAC Contractor at least twice a year. Central air conditioning units need professional maintenance at least two times annually. Preventive maintenance checks will help get rid of potential AC issues that could be more complicated to repair, and pay for. Moreover, it assures a longer life for the AC unit, as it is spared from undue operational stress as it is tuned up from time to time. 

5. Do not neglect the ducts. Check on the HVAC ducts regularly, and have it professionally inspected on an annual basis. A leaking duct can cause cooling bills to rise since it overworks the AC. The AC tends to exert a lot of effort to keep the house at the desired temperature since the cold air is leaking. It cycles continuously to keep the whole house cold, and in the process, it ups energy consumption.  

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