How to Save on Central Air Conditioning Expenses During Summer

Air conditioning expenses during the summer occupies a large chunk of a household’s costs. In areas where summers can be sweltering, AC is essential in ensuring a person’s physical well-being. Not having an AC during hot summers can affect a person’s health, and may also have an impact on a person’s mood. 

Saving on cooling bills during summer is possible.

For the reasons mentioned above, most households have already taken into consideration the central air conditioning budget as part of their regular household expenses. At the same breath, most homes have accepted that cooling bills will inevitably escalate during the summer. Check out AC recharging

The good news though, is that there are ways to make cooling bills more manageable without sacrificing comfort. 

Here are some ways to save on central air conditioning costs during the summer: 

1. Make sure that the AC System is well-maintained. There are two types of maintenance chores: the ones that the homeowner does himself, and those that are carried out by AC professionals. Every homeowner must stick to a strict schedule of maintaining their air conditioning unit regardless if it is a professional maintenance chore or that which he can carry out himself. For instance, filter replacements, vent cleaning, and cleaning of the outside unit should be done on a bi-monthly basis. Professional tune-ups and maintenance inspections, on the other hand, have to be carried out twice a year. 

2. Check the ducts. Gaps and issues with the pipes can cause AC bills to escalate further. It is best to inspect the ducts from time to time. Moreover, hire a professional to inspect and clean it at least once a year. 

3. Upgrade into a wifi thermostat or an at least programmable one. Much can be saved when the AC is programmed to minimally cool during certain parts of the day. Like when no one is at home, or when it is a bit cooler outside. A wifi thermostat can do this. A Smart Thermostat, on the other hand, can do this automatically by predicting patterns and behaviors of household members. Either way, it will be a huge help if the AC will not be overburdened 24/7 in cooling a home.   

4. Think sensibly. It is also best to shower every day to feel refreshed without maxing on the air conditioning unit. Dressing in light and comfortable clothing can also help. Drinking more refreshing beverages, and operating heat-generating appliances only at night can be helpful too in terms of bringing down cooling bills. 

5. Help the AC. By using ceiling fans and floor fans, cold air can be immediately distributed throughout the house. By doing this, they need to crank up the AC is eliminated, giving it a respite from using up too much energy. Chase sun rays from the house by covering up widows during the sunniest times of the day. 

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