Signs a Mira Mesa Home Needs an AC Repair

A comfortable home is a haven for every household member. For those that lead simple lives, having good food, home structure, and a comfortably cool shelter during summer is what matters. 

When a home needs AC repair, the homeowner should promptly deal with it.

But comfort levels inside the house can be drastically affected when there is an issue with the air conditioning system. In Mira Mesa, homeowners try their best to be aware of when they need to deal with their ACs so that they could immediately seek help from HVAC professionals. 

So what are the signs that a Mira Mesa home needs an AC Repair?

 1. The AC suddenly produces strange noises. When the air conditioning unit suddenly produces a sound that is unheard of before, then it clues the owner in on a possible issue. While a strange noise does not automatically mean that there is severe AC trouble, it indicates that it needs a professional maintenance check. Usual reasons why an AC produces strange noises are mechanical. Usually, a part may have come off, came loose, or got worn out. 

2. The AC emits weird odors. Strange odors emanating from the HVAC system can be a sign that the AC needs immediate repair. For instance, a rotten egg-like smell means that there is a natural gas leak, and should prompt the owner to evacuate his home while waiting for an AC professional to check on the matter. A burning electrical odor is yet another red flag. Immediately refer this to an HVAC Contractor as it clues in on a severe AC concern. A sweaty socks odor, on the other hand, says that molds might have grown in the AC system or the ducts. While this is not an urgent issue, operational wise, it needs remediation right away. Molds are a health hazard, especially for young children, the elderly, and those that have compromised immune systems. 

3. AC is not cooling the whole house effectively. When the AC is no longer producing cold air like before, then it needs repair. But before calling for AC repair, check the thermostat first if it is functioning. If the thermostat is set to the desired temperature, then there is another issue. Check the air registers and vents too. Sometimes it gets closed or accidentally blocked by furniture; hence some areas at home may not be cold enough. If the vents are unobstructed, then most likely, it is a maintenance issue, such as a clogged filter. It can also signify possible leaky ductwork. However, it is also likely that the refrigerant is either leaking or is lacking. Whatever the potential problem, it is best inspected by an HVAC contractor right away. 

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