What to Expect During an AC Installation Procedure

Installing a new air conditioning unit requires professional servicing. Calling for AC service maybe because of new home construction, home remodeling, or a need to upgrade the current air conditioning unit. 

What should homeowners expect during an AC installation procedure?

So after carefully choosing an AC system, a brand, and a specific model of air conditioning unit and selecting an HVAC contractor, installation can finally begin. Before the arrival of the contractors, it is best to prepare the house for the technicians. Make sure that they have enough space to work on, and that there is an area where they could safely park their service van. Make sure as well that the area where they will work is cleared from clutter and other home furnishings that could hamper their work, or could get damaged during the installation process. Moreover, make sure that domestic animals are caged and will not bother nor attack the technicians as they work on the installation of the AC system. For safety and security reasons, secure belongings in a private, inaccessible, and enclosed space. Ask the AC Company representative over the phone, the names of the technicians that will be dispatched to the property. Once the technicians arrive, ask to see their company identification and if it matches the names given by the company representatives, before finally letting them inside the house.  

Here is what to expect during an AC installation procedure: 

1. AC installation time may vary depending on the system, the size of the house, and the specific timeline and schedule of the contractor. It is best to ask the contractor right away how much time they will need to install the AC fully. Knowing their planned schedule and project timeline is essential as it has to be aligned with the homeowners.

2. The technician will come with one or two assistants depending on the size of the home and the equipment.

3. If there is a need to pull-out the existing system, then this would be a separate payment and additional time. To prevent sticker shock, ask about the dismantling and pull out the cost for an old unit, and if this can already be included in the installation cost estimate.  Read on AC repair 92131

4. Upon seeing the area, the technicians will then clean their workspace. Move furniture if needed, and cover those that may not be movable. They will also cover floorings to prevent dirt and dust. They will be responsible for the clean-up of their work area. 

5. The team will also be checking on the ducts and may carry out some repairs as needed. They will also inspect vents and air registers, depending on the system that they will install. They will also set up the outer units and brief the owners about some maintenance and troubleshooting tips. 

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